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The remarkable tea connoisseur Emperor Song Huizhong regarded this tea bowl style as the best among all tea bowls. He emphasised on the importance of rabbit hair glaze pattern which can accentuate the tea and foam color.


It is made of clay from Jian Yang of Fujian which contains iron ore. The Jian Kiln started almost 1000 years ago. Jian teawares are famous for its high density with strong structure which gives high pitch metallic voice when crashed. The thick and dense structure of the teawares can keep the warmth of the tea and hence give long-lasting foam.


The original oil droplets Jien teawares passed from Song China to Japan which attracted Japanese as they thought that the pattern is mysterious like a starry galaxy and praised it as “universe in a bowl”. Staring at the tea bowl is like looking at the starry night at seaside, feeling the vastness of the universe.


It is said that each Jian teaware is unique as there can never be any identical Jian teaware in the world as the chemical reaction inside the kiln is highly dynamic which give different patterns and colors.


Dimensions (cm):12.5 X 7.5

Volume:About 360ml

Origin: Jian Yang, Fujian, China










呎寸(cm):12.5 X 7.5




建盞 銀油滴 茶碗 Jian-style Tea Bowl With Oil Droplets Pattern。