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Limited Edition

The FRUSTUM artisanal teapot set is designed as a tea set adapted to modern home life to reiterate the virtues of tea. The switching edge in the middle of the clay bottle body is the core design of this product. It refers to the shape seen in traditional iron kettles made in the Tohoku region of Japan .

🔴 This teapot won the Reddot Design Award (Germany) in 2020.


This set includes:

1. ONE Tea Pot

2. TWO Tea Cups


Place of Origin: Toki City, Gifu, Japan

Color: Dawn pink (Unglazed)
Size (teapot): W170 x D140 x H190mm / 800cc / 510g (weight includes net and handle)

Size (tea book): W72×D72×H90mm/220cc