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  • 阿里山樟樹湖烏龍 浮舟一兩(37.5g)
  • 丹麥PO 泡茶晶纖杯櫻花或桃花限定版 X1
  • 日本江東堂手造茶罐 (漆面赤色或霧面玄黑)X1





【阿里山樟樹湖烏龍 浮舟】

阿里山烏龍茶 浮舟精選茶區位於臺灣嘉義縣阿里山樟樹湖區,高山氣候寒冷,日照時間短,茶樹的苦澀成分降低,茶胺酸等甘味成分提高,滋味甘醇,喉韻強勁,更耐沖泡。


浮舟在2017年取得全球知名的 「風味絕佳獎章」(Super Taste Award)認證,採自以頂級茶葉聞名的阿里山樟樹湖茶區,以輕發酵、淺烘焙的製茶方法使茶葉的輕柔花香更突出,以冷泡或降溫飲用更能散發馥鬱的蘭花香。泡製出的金黃琥珀色茶湯,彷彿倒映著阿里山溫暖和煦的日光,從中細細斟酌阿里山烏龍茶香氣的前味、暖息和餘韻的豐富變化。


阿里山樟樹湖烏龍 浮舟輕柔優雅,呷一口茶湯,輕柔的感覺仿如一葉輕舟泛棹湖上,故名「浮舟」。








A cup of orchid-floral cold brew Oolong can calm us in this early summer humid weather. The nutrients of Oolong can moisturise and rejuvenate our heated up body.


The Cold Brew Set Includes:

  • Premium Alishan Oolong Floating Boat(37.5g) 
  • Denmark PO Tea Tumbler (Sakura/Cherry Blossom) X1
  • Japan Handmade KOTODO Tea Canister (Red or Matt Black)X1


【Cold Brew】

Learn more about why and how to make Cold Brew Tea here.


【Premium Alishan Oolong Floating Boat】

This Premium Alishan Oolong is cultivated between 1,500 to 1,600 meters in Camphor Tree Lake in Alishan, Chiayi County of Taiwan. The cool climate in high mountains and the shorter sun exposure reduces the bitterness of the tea and enrich the sweetness of the amino acids. It gives a mellow and sweet flavor, strong throat taste, and can give multiple tea infusions.


Awarded the renowned Super Taste Award, this Oolong is made of top-quality tea leaves with light roasting and fermentation, which accentuate the floral notes. The golden amber color resembles the soft and gentle sunlight of the Alishan mountains. As soft and gentle as a floating boat on a crystal clear lake, let this Oolong bring your soul to wonder about the breezy high mountains.


Origin: Camphor Tree Lake, Alishan, Taiwan

Altitude: 1500 - 1600 metres

Notes: Orchid, Apricot, and Plum



阿里山烏龍浮舟初夏限定冷泡套裝 Alishan Oolong Summer Cold Brew Set

HK$586.00 一般價格