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四年前曾引入大受喜愛的 「越前漆器」保溫瓶。 低調、華貴、平凡的保溫瓶也能彰顯格調。職人塗上溫潤的越前漆,把冰冷的不銹鋼變得有質感,還能提高保溫性能。





◆ 容量:190ml / 重量:180g / 直徑:55mm / 高度:165mm
◆ 材料:不銹鋼/ 蓋子:聚丙烯/ 包裝:矽橡膠
* 真空雙層結構,漆塗層

* 不允許使用洗碗機


○ 工匠們全心全意地一層一層地手工上漆。




開始:約 95°C / 3 小時後:76°C 或更高 / 6 小時後:62°C 或更高

開始:約4°C/ 3小時後:5°C以下/ 6小時後:8°C以下



○ 屏幕上的顏色和產品的顏色可能會因客戶的觀看環境而有所不同。




The popular "Echizen Lacquerware" thermos was introduced four years ago. Low-key, luxurious and ordinary thermos can also show style. The craftsmen painted the warm Echizen lacquer to make the cold stainless steel texture and improve the thermal insulation performance.


The history of the famous "Echizen lacquerware" can be traced back to the Yamato and Asuka era, and there is a story that the emperor greatly rewarded the lacquer of the black bowl for his admiration. This is a vessel whose craftsmanship has been handed down over a long period of about 1500 years. 

The specialty of Echizen lacquerware is the high-quality lacquer that surprised even the emperor 1,500 years ago. The craftsmen of Echizen lacquerware and a group specialized in lacquer, known as "Echizen Masters", use lacquer collected from all over the country to make utensils with a deep luster and feel comfortable to hold.


Country of origin: Japan


◆ Capacity: 190ml / Weight: 180g / Diameter: 55mm / Height: 165mm
◆ Material: Stainless Steel / Cover: Polypropylene / Packaging: Silicone Rubber
* Vacuum double layer structure, lacquer coating

* Dishwasher not allowed


○ Artisans hand-paint layer by layer.

Also, the color of the lacquer changes slightly depending on the weather.
Therefore, colors may differ from product images.


**This is a pre-order item. The shipping time will be about two weeks. The detailed shipping time will be announced later, so please pay attention. **

【越前漆器】保溫瓶 【Echizen Urushi 】Lacquer Coated Tumbler