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一個香盤和一個香台,描繪了月亮倒映在水面上的樣子。 您可以製作香棒和香棒,並且可以將香棒移動到您喜歡的任何位置。


香皿 Φ11.2×0.7cm 香立 Φ2.5×0.6cm



Kyoto Kungyokudo  Incense Shop has 400 years of history: Japan's oldest incense shop, located in front of  Kyoto renowned temple Nishi Honganji.


An incense plate and an incense stand that image the appearance of the moon reflected on the surface of the water. You can make incense sticks and incense sticks, and you can move the incense stick to any position you like.
The incense plate can also be used as a candle tray.
(Please be careful about wax dripping.)
We will deliver tools to enjoy the scent of Kungyokudo with a design that blends into modern life.
The sharp form of iron and brass is a design that goes well with both Western and Japanese rooms.


Plate Φ11.2×0.7cm Incense Holder Φ2.5×0.6cm

*This is Pre-Order item. The ship-out is about 1-2 weeks after order. For details, we will liaise with you after order.*



観月の香皿 Moonlight Incense Plate