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Brewed with Green Ginkgo Tea's most signature tea: Phoenix Oolong and nicknamed the "Parfum of Chinese Tea". Phoenix Oolong originates from Phoenix Mountain of Chiu Chow, Canton Province. 


It is said to be one of the best and most fragrant oolong in China. There are many types of Phoenix Oolong depending on their types of fragrance such as Honey, Osmanthus, Magnolia, Ginger Flower. Our Phoenix Oolong has distinct peach, stonefruit and honey fragrance and lingering astringent aftertaste due to its natural tea nutrients and unique fermentation techniques, without any aroma or fruit added to the tea! Each tea leaf has very firm and comprehensive shape with red linings due to fermentation, which gives the complex fragrance of this oolong.


選用上林茶舍皇牌茶款桃灼烏龍製成的冷泡桃灼烏龍 , 原產於廣東汕頭潮安縣鳳凰山的桃灼烏龍醇厚芳郁,湯色澄黃而明澈,葉呈綠葉鑲紅邊,外型堅挺,色澤金褐光潤。桃灼烏龍的天然茶樹物質和獨特的傳統發酵技術,令茶湯散發仿如蜜桃的果香味和清新花香,絕無添加香精或水果,全天然的烏龍香氣,有著「中國茶之香水」的美譽。




Signature Cold Brew Tea Set【6 Bottles。皇牌冷泡茶組合【6樽裝】