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Gifu Prefecture Sekinenaki White Tea Pot Set with White Porcelain Mino-Ware Tea Cups 【Made in Japan】


The teapot can be used for sencha, gyokuro, Chinese tea, etc. White colored china can reflect the authentic color of the tea.

The "tasting tea cup" is a small cup used by tea masters to appreciate tea, made of Japanese Mino-yaki white porcelain.


White porcelain cups are ideal for tasting tea:

  • The plain white color helps visually estimate the tea color and its clarity.
  • Next, bring the nose closer and evaluate the smell.
  • Finally, a small amount of tea soup was sipped into the mouth and rotated on the entire tongue to evaluate the sensation, sweetness, umami, astringency, and bitterness.


This kind of cups were originally used to evaluate sake, but they are now commonly used for tasting sake and tea.








  • 素白的顏色有助目測估茶色、暗濁度。
  • 接下來,將鼻子靠近並評估氣味。
  • 最後,將少量茶湯放入口中並在整個舌頭上旋轉,以評估放入口時的感覺、甜味、鮮味、澀味和苦味。

白磁寶瓶 X 1 

日本美濃焼白磁寶瓶 Mino-Ware White Porcelain Tea Pot