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由日本著名手製茶筅大師 翠華園:谷村彌三朗手造的奈良高山茶筅(傳統數穗茶筅)。


Produced by renowed Japanese Handmade Chasen Master of Yasaburo. Handmade Nara Takayama Chasen.






在與日常瑣事分開的茶室裡,您可以造一個享受茶的空間,茶就在您面前製作。茶會影響茶的味道。我們希望您能體驗到製作這款茶的 530 年曆史傳承下來的職人技術。











Yasaburo Tanimura's Philosophy

"Hospitality" in Japan is a form of modesty known as "wabi-sabi", which also appears in tea ceremony culture. When welcoming a guest, we prepare wholeheartedly, thinking "what can we do to make the guest happy?". However, the essence of "hospitality" is that you should never make any claims and be thoughtful and considerate of others.

During the tea ceremony, the host (the pavilion owner) who invites the guests expresses the spirit of "hospitality" by saying "We want my guests to enjoy delicious tea". Instead of arranging ornate flowers in an alcove, place a flower in a bamboo vase for a tasteful ambience.

In a tea room separate from daily chores, you can create a space to enjoy tea, which is made right in front of you. Tea whisks can affect the taste of tea. We want you to experience the craftsmanship of the 530-year history of making this tea whisk.

Nara Takayama as a local industry since the Muromachi period, Takayama has been cultivated as a place for making tea whisks. The atmosphere of Satoyama is still the same, and there are wild birds all year round. Only the sound of a teapot made the old-fashioned way can form a rhythmic harmony with that of a wild bird. Local industries are made up of the overlapping of land, people and things.

I want to convey my feelings as a creator who must inherit the technology of my predecessors, and the role of Takayama.


Nara's climate is suitable for making high-quality tea whisks
Winters in Ikoma Takayama are cold, and from January to February, bamboos from selected Kinki regions are dried in the fields, and the temperature drops to nearly 0°C at night.
For more than a month, the temperature difference between day and night has hardened the bamboo, making it the material for high-quality tea bamboo.


【日本産】奈良高山手製茶筅 500年歷史技術数穂茶筅 谷村弥三郎作 Japan Nara Handmade Chasen (Matcha Whisk)