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被列為國寶地位的白色陶器 - 志野燒













White pottery designated as a national treasure - Shino ware


There are many theories about the name of Shino-yaki. The most common one is from the pottery that was loved by Shino Sonobu, a tea maker in the Muromachi period in Japan, a large number of white pottery made of feldspar glaze on the utensils.


The appearance of white Shino is an epoch-making innovation in the history of Japanese ceramics. Most of the pottery before Shino was only carved or embossed on the utensils. For the first time, the technique of painting with iron oxide under feldspar glaze appeared. The surface skin is full of needle-like nests, and the edge of the glaze has a beautiful fire color change.


The beautiful scenery of Shino utensils has been respected by tea people since ancient times.

Although it was originally to pursue the texture of white porcelain, under the creativity of Mino pottery, it developed a unique pottery belonging to Japan. The utensils are made of soft clay called "Ai soil" in Mino, covered with a thick feldspar glaze, slowly fired and cooled slowly. After firing, a beautiful fire color will appear locally on the surface due to a small amount of iron.Countless small holes will also appear on the surface of the utensils after glazing and firing.Like the yuzu peel, it is also a characteristic of Shino-yaki.

Only the one with feldspar glaze is called Moji Shino. The technique of drawing iron paintings after bisque firing and then applying feldspar glaze is called shijiefu.
There are Eshino, Akashino, Ratoshino, etc. who use the following painting techniques.
Due to the different types of iron paintings and feldspar glazes and different firing methods, the colors presented will be different.

The ones that are more blue-gray are called Ratoshino, and the ones that are more reddish are called Akashino.There are many kinds of utensils made by Shino firing, mainly tea bowls in tea pottery. It is the Shino tea bowl with the inscription "Uhua Wall" that was collected in the Mitsui Bunko. From this we can see the lofty status of Shino in Japanese pottery.

志野抹茶碗 侘寂秋葉【日本製】Shino Matcha Bowl 【Made in Japan】