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可以享受形狀和香味的香。 為您的房間帶來色彩和淡淡的香味。 您可以按原樣裝飾您的房間,也可以點亮它並享受香味。 氣味與同名香棒相同。 薰玉堂標誌形狀的香是如此可愛,以至於您想要並排展示它。











外箱寸法 約24.2×4.6×1.7cm 印香寸法 約2.8×2.7×0.3cm




Assorted Incense Set (5 Pieces)

An incense that you can enjoy the shape and scent. Brings color and a faint scent to your room. You can decorate your room as it is, or light it and enjoy the scent. The scent is the same as the incense stick of the same name. The incense in the shape of the Kaorutamado logo is so cute that you want to display it side by side.


● Sakaicho 101

● Kitano no Koume

● Daigo-Sakura

● Gion Maiko

● Uji Matcha

● Otowa Waterfall

● Tonokami Kyara

● Oyama Sandalwood

Outer box dimensions approx. 24.2 x 4.6 x 1.7 cm

Incense dimensions approx. 2.8 x 2.7 x 0.3 cm



*This is Pre-Order item. The ship-out is about 1-2 weeks after order. For details, we will liaise with you after order.*

印香套裝(8個入) Assorted Incense Set (8 Pieces)