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九谷焼 茶杯 山雀(やまがら)/青郊窯








您一定會喜歡拿起它時感受到的日本油漆的光滑質感。 九谷燒是一種傳統工藝,深深融入我們的生活,同時散發獨特個性。



青郊窯是著名的九谷燒釉彩窯。 獨特開發的日本塗料,具有透明感和層次感,增強了作品的吸引力。


360 年九谷燒曆史中的傳統圖案與現代設計相協調。 青郊窯產品推薦用於日常使用和禮品。 請享受帶有深刻感覺的優雅質感。


產品尺寸:直徑 7.8 x 高 8.5 厘米
盒型 :紙盒


Kutani Bird Tea Cup (やまがら)



The beauty of the five colors created by tradition is highly appreciated in the world.

About 360 years of history and traditional skills have been passed down to the present day, and it has been loved by many people for a long time.

The traditional crafts of Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, have a unique style centered on ornate painted decorations.


The charm of Kutani-yaki works lies in the five colors (red, green, yellow, purple, dark blue) that create a solid feeling by overlapping unique colors. Materials unique to the Hokuriku region, decorated with elegant paintings.

You'll love the smooth texture of Japanese paint when you pick it up. "Kutani-yaki" is a traditional craft that is deeply integrated into our lives while exuding a unique personality.


<This is the representative kiln of Kutani ware - the work of Seikougama Kiln>

Seikougama Kiln is a famous Jiugu firing glaze kiln. Uniquely developed Japanese paint with a sense of transparency and layering that enhances the appeal of the work.


Harmonize traditional patterns from 360 years of Kutani-yaki history with modern designs. Seikougama Kiln products are recommended for daily use and gifts. Please enjoy the elegant texture with a deep feeling.


Product Size: 7.8 diameter x 8.5 cm high
Box type: Paper Box
Writer: Seikougama Kiln

九谷焼 茶杯 山雀(やまがら)【青郊窯】Kutani Bird Tea Cup