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Applied authentic Japanese silver paint on the lid which contrasts with the deep and dark black glaze on the tea pot, reflecting the aesthetics and philosophy of traditional Wa Japan.

*Remarks: Each teaware differs slightly in terms of color, texture and radiance as they are handmade.

*Remarks: As the silver paint is authentic silver which may turn darker or black after prolonged use.

Teapot Dimension (cm) : 10.5 X 11 X 6.3

Teapot Volume: About 100ml

Tea Cup  Dimension (cm) : 7.5 X 3.5

Tea Cup Volume: About 50 ml

Origin:Saga, Japan




茶壺尺寸(cm) : 10.5 X 11 X 6.3

茶壺容量: 約100ml

茶杯尺寸(cm) : 7.5 x 3.5

茶杯容量: 約50ml





玄釉銀彩 寶瓶茶壺及茶杯【有田燒】 Black and Silver Glazed Teapot and Teacup 【Arita-ware】。